About us

We decided during the Spanish lockdown that we would try our hand at vlogging.

And Why not.

Magic Kingdom

It´s primarily two of us- Helen & Andy. Both approaching 50, but both love to travel and eat food (if you hadn´t guessed!)

Helen has been based in Spain (Costa Blanca South) for about 18 years. Originating in the Midlands, UK, she has two daughters who often appear in the videos and photos with us. Maddie (early 20´s) and Chesca (teens).

Helen is actually a fully qualified and experienced veterinary nurse, but is now co-owner of a well established Estate Agents with multiple offices, based in the Southern Costa Blanca.

Andy has been based in Spain (Costa Calida) for about 6 years. Also originating from the Midlands (both Helen & Andy went to school together), with a background covering Electronics, mobile phone R&D and health and Safety for one of the UK theme parks as part of his past. He´s now the I.T guy for Helen´s company.

Fonts d´Algar

The name t.&co came from an acronym…. Two Dopey Old T***s & co. is the kids, and anyone else that joins us on our travels!

We are no experts. We say it as we see it, and try to be as unbiased as possible, enjoying ourselves and experiencing as much as possible on our travels….

To date, between us in our past (indivudially and together) we have visited all parts of the UK, including Cornwall, Derbyshire, Northumberland, multiple coastal towns, Wales & Scotland.

In Europe, we´ve been to mainland Spain (we live there, and many of our current experiences are from this vast, diverse country), Greece, Holland, Austria, France, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Sicily, Malta, Corsica, Ibiza, Menorca, Majorca, Tenerife, Belgium, Gibraltar, Sweden & Denmark.

Aerosmith Rock n Roller Coaster, Hollywood studios

In the USA- Florida Orlando (including staying at Disney World and in Florida itself), New York City, Las Vegas.

Further afield- South Africa, The Gambia, Barbados & Thailand.

Coronavirus & travel restrictions permitting, we intend to keep adding to the list above.

To date, we are rapidly approaching 50 videos on our youtube channel- whether people think these are any good or not is a different matter!- but we enjoy doing them, and serve as a record of our travels and experiences.

Thanks for reading so far- feel free to contact us, either via the website, or through one of our social media channels!

We LOVE Spain!

Update: February 2021.

In late 2020 Bob, Helen´s dad, moved over from the UK. He has been a constant in the videos since November…. “Hi Bob!”

We have now surpassed 100 video´s…. who would have thought it?

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