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Fire at the Salt Lake, house refurbishment preparations Weekend Vlog 31

Lots this weekend!

Andy makes (keto/ low carb) corned beef flan at home; Alfie has a trip to the vets

Entertainment by a magician at a local bar, San Remo

We visit Ciudad Quesada (separate VLOG soon)

Visit a laundromat type place for large items to be washed etc. (Common in the area)

We have exclusive footage of the fires at the Pink Torrevieja salt lake, Helen makes her last meal in the kitchen before the house refurbishment- small legs of lamb

Make preparations for the house renovations- packing furniture etc. away ready for the floors, walls & ceilings to be sorted, more importantly the drains being replaced that have completely collapsed, rewire, new doors and windows AND a new kitchen!

We have food at Patagonia Steak House (dining review soon) -and wish a few people a happy birthday!