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Brits Living In Spain
Brits Living In Spain12 hours ago
We’ve had the most amazing tour around parliament today! One of our subscribers just happens to be an MP and he was kind enough to show us around and tell us some history about this beautiful building. Thanks for your time today! Everyone should visit this fabulous place at least once.
Brits Living In Spain
Brits Living In Spain2 days ago
New Video will be out tomorrow.... 8pm Spain time, 7pm UK time. We'll try to be in the live chat during the premiere, but we will actually be in London waiting to see a show...
Brits Living In Spain
Back in Torrevieja, and we make Pad Kaprow at home- a popular Thai dish and so easy to make. As well as visiting the Chinese supermarket for some staple cook...
Brits Living In Spain
Brits Living In Spain4 days ago
Our next video from Thailand premieres at 4pm Spanish time today!- Hopefully we will be in the chat during the premiere.
We give you a room tour of the Radisson Blu Plaza in Bangkok.
Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok
You´ll find it on our Youtube channel:
Brits Living In Spain
Brits Living In Spain4 days ago
UMH Universidad Miguel Hernández
Just dropped Chesca off for her induction at Uni! #uni #university #study
Brits Living In Spain
Brits Living In Spain6 days ago
Our first "proper" Thailand video is out on Sunday!
Our travel day from Barcelona to Bangkok- via Milan and Singapore!
We show you the food you get onboard while travelling with Singapore Airlines for the gruelling 19 hour travel session!
We also take our first wander around the streets of Bangkok, get a great meal, visit one of the many shopping malls, and meet a few other Youtubers.
We´ll be in the chat during the premiere- 4pm Spanish time, 3pm UK time, 9pm Bangkok time!
Join us!
Brits Living In Spain
What a TRIP!Our Travel Day via Singapore Airlines- absolutely FANTASTIC!Barcelona to Milan. Milan to Singapore Changi airport. Changi airport to Bangkok.Our ...
Brits Living In Spain
Brits Living In Spain1 week ago
We´re are doing a sponsored walk! (Much to Bob´s reluctance!)
In aid of the San José Obrero Orphanage, on Sunday 24th September 2023, and they will be walking 4km in Torrevieja.
If you want to take part, contact either Christine on (0034) 634 329 695 OR Lyn (0034) 676 650 210
If you would like to sponsor the guys (Bob isn´t looking forward to this!) either call into the Casas Espania office AFTER the 4th September 2023 OR you can make a paypal donation- message us for details on how you can do this.
Thanks for any support you can provide!