N.Y.C- gotta love the Big Apple!

An “off the cuff” suggestion about making a detour when planning our Disney/ Orlando trip for 2017 to New York City wasn´t actually as crazy an idea as you would think.

4 Nights AFTER 2 weeks Staying at Walt Disney World, Florida, flying from MCO to JFK, and the kids didn´t realise what we were upto.

EVERYTHING was planned. And most, booked.

  • Empire state building? Tick.
  • Rockerfella Centre. Tick.
  • Top of the Rock. Tick
  • Ferry down the river past the Statue of Liberty. Tick
  • Horse & Carriage through Central Park. Tick
  • Visit the 911 Memorial. Tick
  • Go to Chinatown. Tick
  • Visit the Brooklyn Bridge. Tick
  • Use the Metro. Tick
  • Yellow Cab Ride. Tick
  • See a Musical on Broadway (“School of Rock” was EXCELLENT). Tick
  • Visit Macey´s. Tick
  • Have a proper New York Cheese Cake at Juniors. Tick (disappointed)
  • Visit the highline. Tick. (Well worth a good walk!)
  • See some movie & film locations. Tick (Ghostbusters, Friends apartment building, Night at the Museum, etc.)
  • Times Square. Tick
  • Visit Little Italy. Tick.
  • Visit the American Museum of Natural History. Tick
  • Visit Grand Central Terminal. Tick
  • Visit various movie and film locations (Ghostbusters, Friends). Tick
  • Visit “The Highline” (a favourite!). Tick

Was it worth it? Like you need to ask…..

Photos to follow

Top of the Rock, New York City, 2017
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