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Vlog #18 – Helen´s 50th birthday

A few years back, Helen & Andy decided they would potentially have a party to celebrate their 50th birthdays- Helen in January, Andy in March. (This was idea behind another trip to Disney World/ Florida. 3 weeks in the crazy Florida sun, 1 week in Universal/ I-Drive, 2 weeks at Disney.)

As time progressed, the trip was booked, the party growing from 4, then to 5 (Maddison), and then to 6 (Bob)- it was also Disney World´s 50th birthday.

Fast Forward to 2020, and after a quick weekend in Vienna, Austria in January, followed by a weekend in Rome in February, it became obvious that things were going to change. Nobody had any idea as to HOW much. The holiday to Florida was initially booked for 5 people, and then Spain went into a restrictive lockdown in March, that although planned for just a few weeks, was well into May before restrictions started to ease- including walking your dog more than 200 metres from your own house…..

The planned birthday party was shelved, as travel restrictions came, went and came again…. especially for international travel…… and it became obvious that a party in early 2021 was a no-go.

Fast forward to 2021….

So we did the best we could, in the circumstances. Bars & restaurants were to close at 5pm… then only 4 to a table (even if 5 in a household) .. the week before Helen´s birthday, bars & restaurants had to close fully, except for takeaway, and the maximum number of people in a house became 6… so we did the best we could.

Andy had organised a custom birthday cake- Minnie Mouse and red velvet sponge… the kids had organised balloons etc. and a few video messages were organised (which Helen then eventually wanted adding to Facebook)- as well as cards, gifts, and a KFC takeaway for tea (sod the diet!)

Don´t forget it was also Pele (the Dalmatians) birthday on the Monday, and the VLOG features food we cooked that weekend…..

Messages to Helen from her family and some of Andy´s family and friend, Joanne.

Weekend Vlog #18

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