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We LOVE Rome!

Rome is one of our favourite Cities.

Our last visit was mid February 2020- just before the pandemic started to restrict travel.

Prior to that Helen had been a few more times than Andy.


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We did a LOT of walking the last trip, circumventing around the city, along the top of the hills, looking across at a view unexpected from the surprising vantage point.

We had lots of food – as you would expect- but the best? We discovered – by accident- the food court area in the train station. Here we had our first arrancini balls.

Absolutely delicious!

We will definitely be back again.

Our two pieces of advice:

  1. Plan. Lots. And wear comfy shoes- lots of walking
  2. The taxi from the airport. The price on the sticker on the side of the door is the MAXIMUM they can charge you- and count the money into the drivers hand. They can be right b@stards claiming you´ve given them a 10€ instead of a 50€

Things to see and do in Rome:

Places to stay in Rome:

We will add photos from the different trips in the future (these trips were before we started vlogging)

Video / photo collage from February 2020

Rome February 2020

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