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24 Hours in Barcelona – Episode 149

Our vacation for this year is Thailand- a combination of Bangkok and Phuket.
As it´s not a direct flight, we decided it was better to fly to Barcelona the day before.

We visit the market, Hard Rock Cafe and Cathedral, exploring the streets of Barcelona.

This video shows out trip to Barcelona, the time spent in Barcelona and our hotel.

Normally we would have a link to our hotel on and the restaurant, as well as the hop on hop off bus with Get Your Guide.

The hotel gave us serious security issues- Helen was given a room already occupied by people (that weren´t in the room at the time)- that could quite easily have happened to any of us and items gone missing. The Hop on Hop off bus has 2 routes- each lasting around 2 hours- that wouldn´t have given us much time to see the city other than from the bus.

The restaurant we went to was recommended by a friend- the restaurant was nice, decent prices, BUT the food wasn´t anything special. In fact, the waiter/ head waiter walked off literally while Chesca was mid sentence giving her food order (in Spanish)- not great- that´s why none of the footage appeared in the video.

This is the second time we have been to Barcelona (for an overnight before a long haul flight) and admittedly time was limited. BUT. This is by far our least favourite city in Spain. Many many many people wax lyrical about how they love Barcelona, and it´s virtues.

Well. We aren´t.

We´re not in a rush to go back, put it that way….