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Episode 135 – all best laid plans and all that…

We start off in Torreta Florida Commercial Centre in Torrevieja, trying to work our way around the majority of the restaurants in that area.

Chesca gets the results to the equivalent of her A levels. Yay!

It didn´t go according to plan, with our chosen restaurant advertising a menu but then not delivering for the price. We should have noticed at the time – we didn´t- and when asked about it, it was basically tough luck. The difference cost us nearly 40 euros! We will NOT be going back there and is the main reason why you didn´t see any footage of the food or restaurant. (Bombay Palace 2, Torreta Florida)- oh. and the food was on the sweet side, even the naan bread, so we wouldn´t have gone back again anyway…

We head into Torrevieja to try something new – filming not allowed (hopefully soon) and to buy some things for our trip to Thailand (we also didn´t manage this)

We DID manage food at Lizarran in the Habaneras, show you where there are large industrial type washing machines and tumble dryers, as well as somewhere to get your photos for ID purposes.

We make food at home, including Carillada, Butterfly prawns, Padron peppers and pork patties in a pepper sauce.

We finish the weekend off by going to Gong for Fathers Day as a treat for Bob.

Not the weekend we planned, BUT it finished off on a high.

Things to do in Murcia Province:



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