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Inside a Submarine!- S61 Delfin floating Museum at Torrevieja Harbour

This film has been in the making since JUNE!

We visit the S61 Delfin Submarine floating museum in Torrevieja. Filming is not allowed inside the exhibits but we had exclusive access and permission to film from Torrevieja council.

Take a look inside a submarine that used to be part of the Spanish Naval Fleet. As well as the S61 Delfin Submarine there is also the Albatross III ship used by hte Spanish authorities AND various other artefacts on display.

As well as the Submarine (which you get to do a full tour INSIDE) there are other historical fishing boats and military exhibits.
Admission is just 2euro!

The submarine was donated to Torrevieja Council in 2004, and was built in Cartagena. Find out more facts and figures during this exploratory video of a submarine!

Torrevieja Tourist Information on the Floating Museum:

Many thanks to Torrevieja Ayuntamiento for providing permission and access to film inside and out.


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