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Live- Carrefour V Mercadona Ready Meals (and Wine!) LIVE- who does it best?

You´re on holiday. You only have a microwave and a Hob- and you can´t be bothered to “cook”- or cooking may not be “your thing”

We´ve been to Carrefour AND Mercadona and tried to be equivalent meals to do a comparison. In true “Brits living in Spain” / “Tdotandco” fashion, we´re also buying various wines at a similar price point to compare.

Unfortunately, the wifi decided to give up the Ghost mid point through the stream- initially showing with poor image quality… some of the dishes were good, some were absolutely shocking and went straight in the bin!

Worth trying:

Mercadona Spanish omlette/ Tortilla de patatas con cebolla- either from the chiller, or fresh prepared counter.

Mercadona croquettas from the fresh cabinet.

Mercadona & Carrefour fresh counter Ensalada Rusa. (Russian salad)

Mercadona & Carrefour fresh roasted chicken and potatoes (bought separately in Carrefour)

Both did quite well.



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