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Los Montesinos Tapas Routes

Tapa and route flyer

We love tapas. There is so many variations, it can often seem totally random.

There are no hard and fast rules as what classes as a Tapas. Bascally a Tapa, or Pincho is a small dish- think of a small appetizer plate.

Then you have a Tapas Route – think of it as basically a Spanish Pub Crawl, but with food!- and these are held at different times of year all over Spain!

These- (depending on type etc.) are typically around 2.00€ – 2.50€ for a tapa and small Caña (small beer, typically about 1/3 pint), a water/ soft drink or wine.

And onto the Tapas Routes in Los Montesinos – a small Spanish town about 10 minutes inland from Torrevieja.

Tapa & drink

2020- cancelled, due to Covid.

2019- really bad weather.

2018 bad weather again (typically the event is held at Easter- at least 1 day is good weather, but if you plan to go on the wrong day..)

We did manage to do the event in 2013, (missed 2014 due to Andy moving to Spain the week after), 2015, 2016 and 2017. We would have done the years mentioned above, except for the reasons above.

The plan is simple: each bar/ restaurant taking part is promoted on the menu/ flyer etc. – typically they do a different tapa for each day. The menu advised which tapa at which venue, and where the venue is located. You have as many tapas as possible…… rank your favourite and put the completed form into the box when you´ve had enough. The organisers (typically the town hall) then count up all the votes.

The winning venue recieve an award for their winning tapa; the entrants who submitted into the draw/ competition are put into a hat and a winner is pulled out. Typically the winner receives a menu for 2 at the winning tapa venue- so everybody wins!

We´ve had a massive variety of Tapas over they ears- some abosultely fantstic ones, and some we´ve not even been able to finish they were that awful!

selection of Tapas

A few examples over the years:

  • Mini yorkshire pudding with mince and gravy.
  • Spare Ribs
  • Banana in batter with honey
  • chicken paella
  • Prawn wrapped in ham and fried in batter
  • mini beefburgers
  • Mini Quesadilla
  • Crab stick salad
  • Russian Salad
  • Chicken drumstick with spicy sauce
  • Mini scotch egg & mini scotch egg with black pudding
  • Stuffed mushroom with Cheese
  • mini hot dogs
  • mini fish and chips
  • Empanadilla
  • Quails egg and chorizo on bread
  • Albondigas (meat ball in Consomme/ clear soup)
  • chicken kebab/ skewer

Take a look at the photo album for a better idea on the variety. As soon as we feel comfortable taking part in a Tapas route (and there is one on locally) we will do a full vlog etc., as it´s one of the Spanish events we love to take part in.

Photo Album:

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