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Making our own Tapas at home

6 June 2020.

Quite often on a Saturday afternoon/ night, we will quite happily make our own Tapas. (Not necessarily Spanish Tapas)- just small dishes of a variety of flavours and tastes)- cooking in the kitchen with a glass or two of red wine…..

Helen tends to do most of the cooking, Andy does prep/ cleaning. (He can cook, honest!)

This will probably not be the last video we do like this, depending upon what we cook. Be advised, we do not have a menu, or “list of ingredients”… some is what we have learned, some has been passed onto us, some has come about due to trial and error!

Having said that, when Maddie moved out into her own apartment, Helen did create a “cookbook” for her… whether it will ever be made available, who knows!

Here´s what we made this week:

  • Russian Salad (A staple, Chesca loves it)- pickled / jar chopped vegetables, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, tuna & mayo
  • Tortilla de patatas (Spanish omlette, with onion)
  • Small Chorizo with onion in Sherry
  • Gambas al ajillo (we also show an easy way to “clean” prawns)
  • Spicy meatballs (Albondegas)
  • Chicken in Saffron
  • Mussels in a white wine/ Thai sauce

Making Tapas at Home Video (6 June 2020):

Photo Album below:

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