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Market Street Restaurant Review, San Miguel de Salinas

Sunday Lunch at Market Street
Sunday Lunch at Market Street, San Miguel de Salinas

If you fancy a typical Sunday lunch in the southern Costa Blanca, this is one of our “go to” restaurants. Fresh ingredients, and all home made.

Their Paté is absolutley fantastic.

You have a choice of 1, 2 or 3 courses, and a good choice, including vegetarian options. We went for the full “trio” options, providing a large pile of Beef, Ham and Turkey- we ended up with a takeout of meat (there was a large surplus of vegetables and potatoes as well, which you help yourself to) and the gravy has meat bits in- a proper home made meaty gravy.

It is advisable in the current climate to make a reservation- we have often not managed to get booked in for Sunday lunch in the past, due to not booking far enough in advance.

Market Street Restaurant, San Miguel de Salinas:



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