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Rome February 2020

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Rome, Roma, Róm……… One of our favourite cities in the world (and we´ve visited a few!).

One of the things we love about Rome is the fact that although it´s a major city, everywhere you walk is steeped in history and there´s some sort of ancient building to marvel at on just about every street corner. Lots of the streets are cobbled and quaint, perfect for those of you like us who love the odd photo opportunity or two! So, even if you don´t want to pay to visit those iconic, historical locations we all associate with Rome (the Vatican, the Colosseum and Roman forum etc) there´s still lots to do and see during a city break. Personally, we think everyone should pay to do the big icons once, if at all possible but then on future visits just wonder around and see what you stumble upon. We never use public transport or taxis because we think you miss things if you´re not wondering about. However, we have done the open top tourist bus which is great for the day to learn a little local knowledge while you hop on and hop off.

Arancini balls- worth the trip alone!

Let´s talk about food (of course, why wouldn´t we!). Who doesn´t love Italian food? The city is overflowing with fantastic restaurants serving fresh pasta and pizza at reasonable prices. There are lots of other cuisines to choose from, the delis for a great Italian sandwich, the seafood, even a superb Hard Rock café, but some of the best food we ate there was the street food which is FANTASTIC! Next to the train station is a street food market where we had the best arancini balls ever! We´d probably travel back to Rome just for that arancini! (you know we love to eat!). Lots of the little shops selling local liquors, cheeses etc give out free samples to try when you go inside and it´s quite easy to get a little drunk before you buy! These shop assistants aren´t stupid though, they know drunk people buy more (we almost needed a new hand luggage for our liquors, cheese and balsamic vinegar!).

So, as we already said, we love Rome. We love the laidback atmosphere, the history and culture, the little coffee shops on pretty, little streets, the fantastic food………. That´s it! Let´s look at sky scanner to book our next trip.

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