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Weekend VLOG #1- August 2020

Not sure who´s idea this was. Or whether they would be any good/ people would be interested.

But we started doing a weekend vlog, showing people the things we got up to during a “typical” weekend- the added bonus of this is that is was actually a good way for family missing us back in the UK to see what we were upto, and actually feel like they were with us. (Especially Andy´s mum)

The response and feedback though, was unexpected- and thanks to everyone that has liked, commented or shared these posts. It´s appreciated!

We also know there are people without youtube accounts (some are on facebook, etc.)- and they want to see specific things- the things we like. Those things, of course, are FOOD.

So- VLOG #1 – what did we do?


Shopping at Zenia Boulevard, Tapas from Mytapa, Coffee at Playa Flamenca (beaches were deserted!), Torrevieja pink salt lake, BBQ at home, roadtrip to the Mar Menor, breakfast at Las Encarnacion Los Alcazares (spot the street art), a walk into the 525 square, Los Alcazares (completely empty!). We finished the weekend off in style- we were at Restaurant Pizzeria 2 (possibly the best pasta we have had outside of Italy!)- watching a fantastic band- The Cages. (They´re really good!)

Our first ever weekend vlog!

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