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Weekend Vlog #15- Christmas 2020

You just know that our Christmas dinner was going to be Special.

We started the VLOG off almost straight after where the previous one ended. Our fresh veg delivery from the UK wasn´t hampered by issues at the ports in Dover etc.

We had our companies Christmas meal at Gran China, and the dogs decided to nick some parsnips- they´d never had them before…. oops.

Helen made her first ever trifle, Andy didn´t realise that Peanut butter and Jelly sandiwch the yanks like wasn´t what he thought…..

Also made in this vlog: White Chocolate and “fake” Baileys cheesecake with a biscoff base, another home cooked/ roasted ham, this time from Iceland. Andy made his bobo burger- 1/4 pounder burger, rocket, cheese, southern fried chicken strips, bacon, mushrooms, cheese and mayo.

The full works for the Christmas dinner- the turkey was covered in streaky bacon, and cooked over night for around 10 hours….. yum yum. Turkey neck and gizzards were used to crteate a stock which was then used to make the gravy. We opened a few gifts, the dogs even opened theirs. Leftovers were turned into Bubble & Squeak and Turkey curry. We also had Ham, egg & chips (an idea we hadn´t thought about, from Mr David & Mr Ian on youtube). Andy recieved some hot sauces for Christmas……

We hope you enjoyed watching nearly as much as we enjoyed eating!

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