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Weekend Vlog #17 – 15-17 January 2021

As the lockdowns progress within the Valencian community, it´s noticed: several restaurants had already closed until the 1st of February.
We also witnessed frost on the cars for the first time in Spain in a while, and Andy also spots a bright red Ferrari on the southern Costa Blanca… looks fast even while it´s not moving….
Helen drives a manual car for the first time in possibly 6 months- Chesca was a little scared…

Friday night at Star of India- due to the low carb diet, we tried different items from the menu and were impressed. (They´re doing take away until 9pm, so you know)- the Fish Tikka was really, REALLY nice!
We started Saturday with a breakfast at Carmen´s, and Saturday tea was a selection of fish- including a “red fish”- Gallineta
Sunday we head to the Lemon Tree Market, and partake in some street food- excellent shashlik kebabs. Plenty of fresh fruit and veg, and a view of one of the biggest markets in the area.
Also made at home: home made burgers in Gravy, mediterranean soup with vegetables bought from the market
We also visited San Remo and Bar quick for drinks on a Sunday…

Those of you interested in the process for moving to Spain/ relocating.
Take a look here:

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