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Cartagena- Historical City

Less than an hour South of Torrevieja on the Costa Calida is Cartagena. A beautiful historic city around 25 minutes from where Andy lives.

This place has a diverse history and culture.

From the Port, the Harbour, the museums, the architecture, the Roman Amphitheatre- the difficulty is where to start.

This trip, in July 2020, we did the tourist thing- and became “bus wankers”- taking the last bus tour of the day around the city. There´s always something different to see and/ or do in Cartagena.

Whether its one of the museums, walking down previously undiscovered streets, finding a local bar/ restaurant with a great menu del dia, taking in one of the tourists trips on land, sea or on foot. Heading outside of your restaurant due to a commotion, to find a full band dressed in Roman Centurion costume marching down the paved streets while playing…..

Things to see and do in Cartagena:

Places to stay in Cartagena:

Cartagena July 2020- Full verson

Cartagena in 2 minutes

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