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Weekend Vlog #27 – April 2021

An extended weekend vlog! we managed to fit in not one, but THREE restaurants (each with a dedicated dining review in the future)

We have some updates on The Oasis San Luis, visit restaurante Campobello (it’s just reopened) for a coffee, have a breakfast at bar quick, 1.5kg Tomahawk steak, Kangaroo steak and Osterich steak at Steakstone Villamartin (we have a separate video on Villamartin Plaza from Easter Friday)

Deserts at Restaurante Puntaprima

We visit the highly rate GONG restaurant in Playa Flamenca Home made belly pork Sunday roast A short walk around El Chaparral, with an unexpected menu del dia in Casa Mia.

This was the first time we had been “spotted” while out and about, but not just once…. At La Siesta, we had a Spanish breakfast at Bar Quick and coffee at Restaurante Campobello – it´s opened- details regarding their opening hours etc.

Weekend Vlog #27