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Making Paella

There are many variations of paella. There is no strict recipe, as such. It started off as a “poor mans dish”- not the case any more. Restaurants specialise purely in paella. Some are cooked over wood, as per the traditional way.

paella ingredients
Paella ingredients

There are various methods as well, but, below is an idea on the method we use, and an idea on the ingredients we use. These can be swapped out (allergy to shellfish, for example, or for people that are vegetarian) and can either be supplemented (or not)

We´ve also made these in the UK when back wisiting the family. No paella pan? No problem- use a frying pan instead.

It´s not uncommon to have paella with the basics and just vegetables, or just Chicken for example (we had a great Paella as a Tapa at mytapa at Zenia Boulevard recently. Just roasted chicken in wine stock and the rice and essential ingredients, basically….)

Helen was taught decades ago by traditional Spanish gypsies, cooking over a wooden fire, using fish and rabbits etc. caught or obtained from people they knew in a local bar or restaurant….

Basic ingredients:

Rice. (La Bomba/ Paella rice, or if struggling, Risotto or arborio rice)- not long grain rice like you have with a curry.
Chicken stock (unless vegetarian, then vegetable stock)- worse case, use water.
Onion (grated/ blended)
Tomato (grated/ blended)
White beans
Green beans
Alternatives/ different bits
Chicken thighs, skinless and boneless
chorizo (uncooked, small ones)
small ribs (roasted)
prawns (deveined/ cleaned)- fried off
mussells- cleaned, checked they closed, fried off with the prawns. (Check they open during the cooking process)
Vegetables (Asparagus, artichokes, red pepper, etc.)

Watch either of the videos below to see how we do it…

Speedy Paella:

Making Paella (step by Step)

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