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Spain in 2 minutes

Here we have a selection of videos that are more or less 2 minutes in duration. Typically they have been generated by the Quik software for the gopro (but the footage isn´t necissarily from a GoPro)

These are typically done quick, edited on one of the phones and are designed to be a bit of a “teaser” for a main video, once we have collated footage and edited, etc.

Not every vlog has a “in 2 minutes”, and not every “in 2 minutes” has a full vlog…

Typically with no talking, either. Enjoy!

Cartagena in 2 minutes- 3 July 2020

Benidorm 2020 in 2 minutes – 5 July 2020

Mojacar (2019) in 2 minutes – 5 July 2020

Tabarca Island in 2 minutes – 7 July 2020

Tabarca Island – July 2020

Fonts d lálgar in 2 minutes – 8 July 2020

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