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Tabarca Island, 6 July 2020

Helen has lived in Spain around 18 years; Andy around 6 years. Neither had visited before.

We have wanted to visit for quite a few years- one of the things we never quite managed to get around to. Or when we could, it was peak summer season and definitely too hot to be travelling there.

We set of from Helen´s from Torrevieja at around 11.15 to the Marina to find the boat. We found the boat. All locked up- either the service wasn´t running (due to just coming out of lockdown) or they were only running 1 boat and they had another they didn´t use. The price from Torrevieja was 25Euro each return. Leaving at 11am, returning to Torrevieja at around 7pm, with a journey time of around an hour each way.

Undeterred, we drove up the N332, having remembered the boats we saw offering trips previously in Santa Pola, so we headed there. 20 minutes later, we were parked in Santa Pola, and had a choice of boats/ charters we could use, and the prices were considerably less, and trips more frequent.

The cost was 15 euros each, return. The journey time was around 45 minutes each way, and the next boat was leaving in 5 minutes. The only downside was that we had to decide which timed trips we were returning on (not an open return ticket)

We decided on one that was going to give us around 3 to 3 and a half hours on the island. As it happens, that was probably not a bad time. Bear in mind Helen doesn´t like the sea (watch the video) and we had no scuba equipment etc. We managed a menu del dia on the island, had a bit of exploration, and decided we would return again.

A fantastic experience, and now understand why people visit the island.



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