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Weekend VLOG #13 – 11- 13 December 2020

Belgian deep fried takeaway from Frituur La Patata, La Siesta Andy then goes to Zenia Boulevard. Saturday. 2 weeks before Christmas. and there was hardly anybody there!

Remember the time we brought home 4.5kgs of Ribs from the Yellow Rose of Texas?…

And also remember the time we brought lots of steak back from El Gallego?…

Well… we took it out the freezer and had ribs & nachos, and then stew and dumplings…

Bob also grew some garlic and chillies back in the UK- the chillies had been put into vinegar by Helen´s mum, and the garlic had been put into oil… The chillies are a little bit warm! And the summer house has arrived from the UK and has been erected….

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