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Franks Restaurant, Torrevieja – Franktastic!

This was a “do you like steak/ have you been to this place?” in a bar on a Friday night.

Lobster Diablo, Franks Restaurante
Lobster Diablo, Franks Restaurante

We saw a photo, decided we must try and reserved a table online for the next night.

Franks Restaurant is a Belgian restaurant, located in the Poligono (industrial estate) in Torrevieja. Specialities include Lobster, steak you cook on a stone yourself at your table, and some great menu del dia´s.

We thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it. It´s now on our “favourites” list of places to eat.

Stone Grill cooked Aberdeen Angus Steak
Stone Grill cooked Aberdeen Angus Steak

Helen had Lobster with a Diablo sauce- a little spicy, but not overpowering. Andy & Maddie had the Black Angus Fillet Steak- Andy with peppercorn sauce, Maddie with mushroom sauce (big chunks of mushroom in)

Deserts were Créme Brulée, Coupe Negresco (Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and egg liqueur) and a Spanish Coffee.




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